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Electric cars, critical race theory, and defeatism. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has called for a “new vision” for the military even if no one, including him, can explain what it is. Austin has been touting something he calls “Integrated Deterrence” a buzzword that seems to involve AI, the State Department, and some sort of new way of war. But mostly it means that war is a silly idea and that no one should fight wars. “The cornerstone of America’s defense is still deterrence, ensuring that our adversaries understand the folly of outright conflict,” Austin declared in his big Pearl Harbor speech. The problem, for the last 70 years, is that Americans see war as folly, but our enemies do not. And Austin, who headed up Obama’s disastrous retooling of the Iraq War which turned over half the country to Iran and the other half to ISIS, ought to know that better than anyone else. There’s a massive gap between Patton’s “Americans play to win all the time” and Austin’s insistence that, “the costs and risks of aggression are out of line with any conceivable benefit.” Iran certainly doesn’t think so and Obama and Austin didn’t give it any reason to think differently.

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