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Modern Architecture is almost always terrible compared to the Classical & Gothic styles. We should build aesthetically pleasing structures instead of littering our cities with eyesores. Claiming that seemingly disconnected things are connected is the easiest way to be labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or even ‘crazy.’ And yet, we can’t help but notice how many things are happening all at once. Our society is becoming uglier, in the aesthetics of our buildings, our discourse, and our politics. People are less physically and mentally healthy, personal responsibility is denigrated, and dependence on the government continues to grow. Our spending and debt is out of control, as any sense of restraint is frowned upon. Many seem to feel they can have wealth without effort and prosperity without production. Beauty and success are no longer revered, but are instead attacked, as if someone could only be wealthy by having stolen it from others. We live in a world where even an ad showing an attractive women in a bikini is considered ‘body-shaming,’ while magazine covers feature individuals who are objectively obese and unhealthy — yet claim otherwise.

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