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Conservative MPs have begun denouncing Bill C-19, An Act To Amend The Canada Elections Act, which would allow returning officers to “receive mailed ballots as late as 6 pm the following day,” reports Blacklock’s Reporter. “I have difficulty with counting ballots after election day,” said Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu. “We have always counted everything right up to election day. I think people have confidence in that.” Mail-in ballots are used often by Canadians working abroad or by members of the military. The 2019 election saw only 49,545 ballots received. Five million ballots are being printed in preparation for the next election. According to CTV News, the Liberal bill will also seek to “Improve access to mail-in voting, including installing ballot drop-off boxes at every polling place, and allowing for online receipts of mail-in ballots.” “Canadians deserve to have full confidence in their ability to exercise their democratic rights safely in these unprecedented times,” a statement from Minister Dominic LeBlanc reads.

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