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Planned Parenthood-backed Democrats in Illinois are pushing legislation – Senate Bill 2190 – aimed at circumventing parental rights by repealing existing laws that mandate parents be notified before their underage daughters undergo abortions. For now, under the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act, abortionists are still legally required to notify at least one parent or legal guardian two days before committing an abortion on a minor. However, Senator Kelly Cassidy (D- Chicago) would like to change that. In 2019, Cassidy unsuccessfully backed HB 2467, sponsored by Representative Emanuel Chris Welch (D) which sought to strike down the parental notification requirements. The bill was never signed into law. Cassidy would like to revisit the fight, arguing that the existing law is an impediment to reproductive “freedoms.” The parental notification requirement “is one of the last barriers to access we have in Illinois,” said Cassidy. Referring to the state’s passage of other pro-abortion laws, Cassidy said, “We have intentionally set ourselves out as an example for the country to follow with regard to reproductive justice freedom,” so “this barrier needs to go, too.”

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