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The Queen of England is set to announce on Monday that citizens will be required to show IDs in order to vote in general elections. There is no word on if the Biden administration will be issuing sanctions against the nation’s oldest ally. The requirement, The Guardian reports, could make it difficult for people to show up at the polls “without planning ahead.” This is because about a quarter of voters in the UK have neither a passport nor a driver’s license. Voter IDs will be made available through local councils, but applications would have to be in with plenty of time before the polls open. A pilot program “led to hundreds of voters being turned away.” Other voting reforms are set to be enacted as well, including some that have caused turmoil in the US, such as limits on how many mail-in ballots people can post on behalf of others. All of these reforms are attempts to reduce voter fraud, just as they have been in the US. The Electoral Commission, however, reported that “the country ‘has low levels of proven electoral fraud…'”

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