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Democrat President Joe Biden appeared to give conflicting messages on Monday in remarks that he made about last week’s disastrous jobs report numbers, saying that there was no real evidence that people were not returning to work as a result of receiving generous government benefits while repeatedly stating that people needed to return to work if they were offered a job. Biden began the press conference by making misleading claims about the growth of the economy under his administration. Biden’s remarks came after April’s jobs report showed that the economy missed expectations by more than 700,000 jobs, and the job numbers from March were significantly revised down. “As we learned Friday, the economy created 266,000 jobs in April,” Biden said. “In fact, altogether, since the time we took office, we’ve created more than 1.5 million jobs in the country. It’s the most jobs created in the first 100 days of any president on record, more than three times the solid job creation President Carter saw in his first 100 days and more than six times what President Reagan saw. And the three months before I got here, our country was creating roughly 60,000 jobs a month.”

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