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The American media is obsessed with gender dysphoric kids transitioning via puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones despite evidence that such treatments are potentially life-altering for minors. From boosting actors to slamming state laws, the American media encourages the use of drastic surgery and hormones on kids, even though it’s dangerous, to perpetuate the narrative that being transgender requires a few simple and easy medical treatments. In reality, gender transition creates lifelong medical patients. Though Elliot Page seemed frail and unassured in the actor’s recent interview with Oprah about coming out as transgender, the media lauded it. Page told Oprah that getting “top surgery” helped Page relieve his previous depression before Page became Elliot. When Page announced his transition, media was effusive with praise. In April, Arkansas became the first state to ban the use of puberty blockers in minors. Rather than celebrate what appears to be a responsible, sound decision by state lawmakers, this story in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette bemoaned the “difficult road” transgender children will have to walk in order to alleviate their anxiety now.

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