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The Biden administration has reportedly awarded about $3 billion in shelter construction and management contracts to house unaccompanied migrant children since February. The new shelters are critical as there are currently 22,000 children in government custody and there are not enough people to help reunite them with family members, The Associated Press reported. Some of the companies that have been awarded contracts have responded to natural disasters, created quarantine quarters during the coronavirus pandemic and set up tented holding areas for migrants. The AP reported that the Department of Health and Human Services awarded no-bid contracts worth over $2 billion to just two companies and a nonprofit: Deployed Resources LLC, Family Endeavors Inc. and Rapid Deployment Inc. The HHS has said that the new centers are “consistent with best practices/standards in emergency response or other humanitarian situations,” but two of the new large facilities have been quickly shuttered in the past few weeks without explanation. The news media has also been prohibited from entering the facilities once children arrive.

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