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A staggering amount of spending, for shockingly little in return. If someone gave you $69.2 billion, how many jobs could you create? A million? Two million? At least many hundreds of thousands, right? Well, the Parliamentary Budget Officer has revealed how many new jobs the $69.2 billion Liberal government stimulus is expected to create in 2021: 74,000. That’s it. Consider for a moment that Canada spends roughly $20 billion annually on our military, with somewhere around 100,000 total personnel. Further, the military is in dire straits, and has struggled to recruit and keep people. Imagine spending over 3 times as much money, all to create fewer jobs. It’s incompetence and inefficiency at a brutal scale. Here’s what the PBO said in the main quote about the budget: “Based on our projection of the Government’s fiscal guardrails, almost all of the ground lost in the labour market due to the pandemic will be made up by the end of 2021-22. We maintain our judgement that stimulus spending in Budget 2021 could be mis-calibrated if the focus is solely on returning to pre-pandemic benchmarks. Budget 2021 estimates overstate the impact of stimulus spending over the next 3 years.”

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