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They’ve decided to repeatedly avoid the issue of obesity, and take measures that will make people even less healthy. Recently, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said restrictions weren’t working. But, as with nearly every politician in the past year, what he said one day was simply worthless, having zero correlation with what would be said or done down the road. And yet, as unpredictable as the words are, the actions have been sadly predictable: Foolish, incoherent lockdowns that restrict freedoms while failing to actually protect the most vulnerable. Consider what Kenney Tweeted following his announcement of new draconian restrictions: “Last night during a Facebook live event with Albertans I was asked about fitness, gyms and personal wellness. When speaking about an outdoor fitness class I recently walked by, I answered in error that outdoor fitness classes are still allowed. Effective May 9 in regions under the new restrictions sports, performance and outdoor recreation are limited to household members or if living alone, two close contacts. Unfortunately, outdoor fitness classes are not permitted under the newly-announced restrictions.”

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