Watch: Tory deputy leader calls out Trudeau’s fake feminism, mentions PM’s groping allegation


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was taken to task during Wednesday’s Question Period over his mismanagement of allegations surrounding General Vance, with Deputy Conservative Leader Candice Bergen picking apart the prime minister’s “feminist” schtick. “One thing we do know is that this prime minister is not a feminist,” said Bergen. “his record when it comes to the treatment of women is abysmal. Just ask the poor girl he groped in the Kokanees, or ask the Member for Vancouver-Granville (Jody Wilson Raybould) or maybe Jane Philpott. How about Celina Caesar-Chavannes, and Katie Telford, you’re probably next when he’s done with you. More importantly ask the women in our military if they think that this prime minister is a feminist, it will be a resounding no. This prime minister is not a feminist. … just ask the poor girl he groped in the Kokanees.” Conservative leader Erin O’Toole released a statement on Tuesday, calling on Trudeau to fire Chief of Staff Katie Telford to prove he really did not know that sexual misconduct allegations against General Vance were sexual in nature.

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