Watch: Biden Stumbles, Struggles to Speak for 41 Seconds Straight


President Joe Biden’s inability to think and speak clearly has raised questions about his health since his presidential campaign. Unfortunately, he is not showing any evidence that those concerns are misplaced. On Wednesday, Biden struggled to speak for 41 straight seconds during a speech in the White House State Dining Room. He was attempting to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the restaurant business, but it was hard to hear that message amid his stumbling. For nearly one minute of air time, Biden was slurring his words, mistaking millions for thousands and failing to effectively communicate any real point to the American people. After the first incident, Biden again appeared completely spaced out when answering a question from a reporter. He repeatedly paused for awkwardly long amounts of time, and when he did speak, his answer provided little to no actual substance. While The Daily Wire was clearly being sarcastic with its comment, the reality is that many on the left really do wish to pretend that Biden’s constant stumbling is not a serious concern.

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