Kamala Harris Gets Ice-Cold Reception on Trip to Promote Biden’s Massive Spending Plan


Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Milwaukee on Tuesday to promote President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill — only to be greeted by a handful of protesters against the infrastructure plan instead. The official visit began with Harris rolling into the city on Air Force Two. The vice president’s motorcade generated little enthusiasm among local residents. A small group of protesters from Americans for Prosperity were among the few people who welcomed her. Harris visited the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s clean energy laboratories, highlighting the impact the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, could make in the area. “It’s not going to be easy,” Harris said, according to WISN-TV. “People out there are going to say that’s too much. People are going to say well roads and bridges — to do the things you all are doing — things that are being created here — infrastructure is basically how are you going to get where you need to go.” “When did we last invest? We need to do more than just catch up,” she said.

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