Amid Endless Scandals, Nobody Is Talking About The Actual Purpose Of The Canadian Military: Providing A Strong National Defence


The biggest scandal facing Canada’s military is the fact that it is so weak and underfunded. Why do we have a military? Seriously. Let’s ask that question. Why do we have a military? The answer of course is simple: Defend Canada. Yet, that has seemingly been forgotten. Lately, it seems the only issue our military has is that the military is mired in endless sex scandals. Of course, if top officials have abused their power, that is a serious problem. Another serious problem is the political correctness that has been imposed on the military, as progressive ‘wokeism’ is completely incompatible with a strong military. Efforts to recruit more women — something the government has spent a lot of money on — hasn’t worked, in large part because men are simply far more likely to want to join up. This intuitively makes sense, since — on average — men are more aggressive, and more interested in physical combat. Human history shows men far more likely to engage in violence (including state-directed violence), and far more likely to join the military. So, trying to push against human nature and expend resources trying to recruit more and more women doesn’t make much sense.

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