Under different names, wearing different guises, communism is a rising threat


Communism is the idea that refuses to go away, no matter how many times it is attempted only to end in horrific levels of death and violence. It appeals to resentment, to a demand for the benefits of productive activity without engaging in that activity ourselves. In many ways, it is similar to race-based fascism, in that it often targets a specific group (Kulaks,) notes that they are successful, and then — rather than encourage people to learn from the success of that group —demonizes them, calls them “parasites” or “leeches,” and mobilizes resentment, jealously, hate, and ultimately death and destruction. Yet, as the threat of Communism rises, our culture is dangerously unable to see it. As Jordan Peterson once noted, our society is hyper-vigilant when it comes to seeing the threat of approaching fascism, but lacks that same discernment when it comes to Communism. We are “over-attuned” to seeing fascism everywhere, particularly since the biggest fascist regimes of the 20th century in Germany and Italy were largely unique to the specific post-war situation in those two nations, with many aspects that simply aren’t applicable to our country or much of the modern world.

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