Rex Murphy: How’s Trudeau going to get out of this Line 5 pickle and keep oil flowing?


Has it come to pass that an oil and gas pipeline going into Ontario may be stopped? Shut down? Closed? Was this foretold in scripture? Did St. Greta of the Hard Stare lay a curse upon the land? How can this be? Yet so it appears. The governor of the state of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has decreed for the good of the world environment that Enbridge Line-5, which passes through her state on its way to Ontario, will be closed. The threat that by May 12, Gov. Whitmer will shut down Line 5 to Ontario, is so beautiful an issue it should be hanging in an art gallery. However for Trudeau this pipeline is a perplexity. It simply cannot be that on his watch the natural energy needs of the “greatest” province are impaired. He must with the same vigour he applies to stopping oil from getting out of Alberta now man all stations to make sure oil keeps going into Ontario.

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