Chief Border Agent: MS-13 Gang Members Exploiting Migrant Caravans to Sneak Into U.S.


The left has attempted to push the narrative that migrants at the United States’ southern border are simply innocent people looking for a better life. However, a U.S. Chief Patrol Agent has stated that this is not always the case. According to a tweet from Matthew J. Hudak, the United States Border Patrol Chief for the Laredo Sector, at least five gang members were arrested between April 23 and April 30. One was a member of the infamous MS-13 gang, and another two were 18th Street gang members. The New York Post reported that both MS-13 and 18th Street “are extremely violent and have origins among Central American immigrant communities in Los Angeles.” They added that in 2016, MS-13 committed a string of murders in Suffolk County, New York in an attempt to “establish an east coast stronghold.” In 2019, Suffolk County authorities reported that they had eradicated the gang in that community. These arrests are hardly isolated incidents. Border patrol agents have been arresting dangerous gang members and other suspicious persons for months as the border crisis soars. The Post reported that Border Patrol agents arrested a “documented MS-13 gang member” in California last month.

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