Opposition parties frustrated after debate regarding Trudeau’s top aide abruptly cancelled


The federal Conservatives and NDP are venting frustrations after a debate on whether to call Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff to testify in the Gen. Jonathan Vance investigation was abruptly cancelled on Monday. Debate into whether to call Katie Telford to answer questions regarding the government’s handling of the allegations against Vance began on Friday, but was suspended after the Liberal members of the defence committee talked out the clock. The debate was to resume on Monday, but opposition members were notified before the meeting that it had been cancelled. “All that we got was a last-minute notice that the meeting was cancelled with no explanation,” NDP defence critic Randall Garrison told The Canadian Press. “And no timeline for resuming. The official website still says Friday’s meeting is suspended and doesn’t say anything else about that.” Conservative defence critic James Bezan blamed the Liberals for cancelling the meeting to protect the government and Telford. “They’re trying to run and hide rather than allow us to talk to Katie Telford directly, as committee members, to find out what she does know,” he told CTV’s Power Play.

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