Guilbeault’s nightmare interview happened because he cannot admit the real reason for Bill C-10


Steven Guilbeault managed to make Patty Hajdu look competent. Yes, I know you are thinking that is impossible. But just watch this absolute nightmare of an interview. Yet, while Hajdu seems to be a garden variety incompetent individual in a position that simply exceeds her abilities, Guilbeault’s perceived incompetence and inability is really about being unable to admit what Bill C-10 is all about. It is not that Guilbeault did not have any answers, its that he didn’t have any answers that could be revealed to the public. Notice how he trips up repeatedly when asked — if the exemption for individual user posts was not important or needed as Guilbeault claimed — why was it included in the first place, and why did he even use it as a selling point originally to dispel concern? The answer — if Guilbeault was being honest — is that he has been playing a game of bait-and-switch with the legislation in order to try and fool people. Remember, when this was first revealed, Guilbeault and the Liberals backtracked, denied they would be using government power to regulate individual users and content outside the social networks.

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