Canada’s Total Dependence On Foreign Countries For Vaccines Should Be The End Of Our Absurd Healthcare Superiority Complex


There’s nothing that Canada’s politicians, media establishment, and many Canadians themselves love more than feeling superior to other countries when it comes to healthcare. That superiority complex manifests itself most dramatically when discussion turns to the healthcare system in Canada and the United States. Canada — a nation of roughly 37 million people — is often compared to the United States — a nation of over 320 million people, in terms of health outcomes. It’s a very telling comparison, as many others would look pretty rough for this country. For example, US life expectancy is higher than every other nation with a population over 200 million nation, outstripping India, China, Indonesia, and Brazil. Meanwhile, Canada’s life expectancy trails countries with populations under 150 million, including Italy, France, Norway, Spain, Japan, Sweden, and some others. Why is our system never compared to those nations? Why do we only make the comparison with the US? Sure, we can say it’s because the US is so close, but are we really that lazy that we just look next door and shrug our shoulders at any further comparison?

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