Breaking: NDP will vote with Conservatives on motion to ensure censorship bill does not violate charter rights


NDP Critic and Deputy Critic for Canadian Heritage Alexandre Boulerice and Heather McPherson will now be voting in favour of the Conservative-led motion that would suspend Bill C-10 until it is confirmed to not violate any Charter rights. The statement, released on Monday, calls out Heritage Minister Guilbeault for “not do[ing] the necessary review before moving forward.” “That is why on Monday, we will be voting in favour of a motion that puts Bill C-10 on hold while the Department of Justice conducts a new Charter compliance anaysis and calls on the Minister to appear in committee,” the statement says. “The NDP plans to table a sub-amendment that puts a timeline on the motion to make sure the [C]onservatives are not using this as an opportunity to delay the advancement of the bill indefinitely.” NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh told media last Tuesday that he may be open to supporting controversial bill. The heritage committee is made up of four Conservative members, five Liberal members as well as the Liberal chair, one NDP member, and one Bloc member. A tie would be decided by the chair.

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