Breaking: Defence Committee meeting cancelled amid Trudeau’s sexual assault cover-up scandal


The chair of the Defence Committee decided to cancel a committee meeting that was to be held on Monday. The committee was set to meet amid an ongoing scandal, after it was revealed that Trudeau’s chief of staff Katie Telford knew about sexual misconduct allegations against General Vance in 2018, and him having kept his job and receiving a raise afterwards. In his testimony to the House of Commons standing committee on national defence, Elder Marques (who served as a senior advisor to the prime minister) said that Telford told him to speak with advisors to the defence minister “on an issue relating to the [topic].” Trudeau would go on to say that he was aware of a situation, but that he did not know it was of a “Me Too” nature. Criticism of the Liberals for their mishandling of the situation has been intense. On Monday, New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh said that firing Talford was not good enough of a potential consequence, and that the problem lied with the prime minister. The Conservative Defence Critic responded to this revelation by saying “Justin Trudeau’s claim that he was not aware of allegations of sexual misconduct by General Vance is clearly false.”

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