Bill C-10 Is An Extremist Piece Of Legislation


If Guilbeault and Trudeau were confident they could sell the legislation to Canadians, they would be touting its merits. Instead, they’re desperately trying to deflect and demonize anyone who opposes it. Conservatives have allowed the left to gain a monopoly on the term ‘extremism.’ It is rarely applied to those on the left, and is instead used almost exclusively for individuals farther to the right on the political spectrum. How far right? Well, that depends on who is making the accusation. As of late, anyone to the right of communists can be tagged with the label. This has worked out well for the left, enabling them to hide their own extremism through ever-more aggressive denunciations of the ‘extremism’ of others. During yesterday’s question period, Liberal Minister @s_guilbeault implied that only “extremist elements” within the Conservative Party are concerned about the Liberal’s incoming internet censorship legislation in response to a question by Rachael Harder. While Guilbeault is accusing opponents of C-10 of being ‘extremists,’ that raises the question of whether he would include the former head of the CRTC in that category?

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