2021 In Europe: “The Year Without a Spring”


As reported yesterday, the majority of European nations shivered through their coldest April in decades, in more than century for some — and now looking at the latest mid-range models, more of the same is forecast for May. Low solar activity is prolonging winter, it is cooling the planet (via a meridional jet stream flow, an influx of Cosmic Rays & volcanic eruptions, among many other forcings: see links at the bottom of the page) — this is delaying planting, and making life all-round miserable for growers across large portions of the Northern Hemisphere. The year 2021, in my mind at least, will go down as “The Year Without A Spring,” because as we head into the second week of May, latest GFS run shows no signs of a warm-up across Europe (nor in America for that matter). And although there will be the odd pocket of anomalous warmth here and there, these are all-too fleeting. This is a serious situation for farmers across the hemisphere, farmers that have already been hit with delayed planting and slow germination following the historically cold April just gone.

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