‘Too slow, too late’: Ford gov. received months of warnings about long-term care before second wave


When Dr. Kate Greenaway entered Tendercare nursing home amid a COVID-19 outbreak in December she was stunned. “We’ve been in a pandemic for quite a number of months, at that point, it was pretty shocking to me that it was possible to seem so unprepared for an outbreak,” she said. A family physician, she had answered an urgent call on social media that the home was in dire need of help. When she arrived at the home she raced from one resident to the next in a desperate attempt to provide assistance. At least 81 people would die in the outbreak at the Toronto-area home. Management of the facility denies it was unprepared, but Greenaway said the outbreaks in the second wave were part of a larger “systemic failure.” “I feel a sense of frustration, anger that outbreaks weren’t prevented in a second wave, when we knew exactly what happens with a virus in a long-term care home,” she said.

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