LILLEY: Evidence shows Mounties kept a copy of the gun registry


When criminal defence lawyer Ed Burlew was sifting through the documents sent over by a Crown prosecutor regarding his client, one jumped out. It was proof that the RCMP had kept a copy of the gun registry despite Parliament ordering it destroyed in 2012. The long-gun registry was brought into being in 1995 with Bill C-68 but was done away with after the passage of Bill C-19 in 2012. Yet, here was Burlew looking at a document from 2019 with information that could only have come from the registry. “I was shocked and disgusted,” Burlew told me. “They kept it, it’s a secret file.” “This shows that there is someone within the RCMP who has deliberately lied to Parliament and the courts.” The document that Burlew uncovered was prepared by the Registrar of Firearms, part of the RCMP, and sent to the OPP for a case they were working on. That document contains not only the serial number of each firearm seized but also the Firearm Identification Number, a number that would not exist or be attached to the rifles and shotguns seized without a copy of the registry existing.

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