Breaking: Trudeau Liberals shut down debate on internet censorship bill


Liberal members of the Heritage Committee have voted to end debate on the Conservative motion that would review Bill C-10 under a Charter of Rights review. Conservative members of the Heritage Committee sought to review C-10 in its current amended form, to determine if it infringes on Canadians’ charter rights. Bill C-10 has been the topic of a lot of political debate in Canada over the last week. The bill has been criticized by the Opposition Conservatives for seeking to “limit free speech on social media.” This is important for you and your friends to know. The Liberals’ legislation called Bill C-10 would limit your free speech on social media. And the Conservatives are fighting this. The bill alleges that it would put emphasis on Canadian content on YouTube and other user-generated social media sites. Guilbeault suggested that Canadians would see more “indigenous storytelling” and content from “racialized community-owned.” Bill C-10 would regulate the internet and social media in the same way that it regulates national broadcasting.

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