Biden’s bogus bid to claim credit for galloping growth


President Joe Biden pretends his policies have got the US economy bouncing back. But it’s obvious that credit for the recovery goes to former President Donald Trump. Friday, Biden told NBC News that his $1.9 trillion “relief bill” is why the nation’s gross domestic product grew 6.4 percent in the first quarter, declaring, “The reason why [the economy’s] recovering” is “because we’re investing” — without the $4 billion-plus he wants to spend in another pair of bills, America will “fall even further behind.” Bull: The economy’s recovering because the virus is retreating and lockdowns are ending. And chief credit for beating COVID must go to Trump, whose Operation Warp Speed brought the vaccines and ensured the nation would have an ample supply of them. Look: The third quarter of 2020 saw huge GDP growth, 33.4 percent, because the virus was in retreat last July-August-September. The recovery slowed along with the second COVID wave in the fourth quarter, then surged again as the vaccine rollout gave fresh reason for hope. Trump got 13.5 million Americans fully vaccinated and over 31 million jabs administered before leaving the White House.

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