Unscripted Biden Makes Such a Bad Blunder, CNN Reporter Has to Fact-Check Him in Middle of Speech


During the presidential address to Congress on Wednesday, Joe Biden claimed he has “traveled over 17,000 miles” with President Xi Jinping of the Chinese Communist Party. According to multiple left-wing fact-checks, this claim is unverified and misleading. Biden had made the very same claim on multiple previous occasions, according to The Washington Post. Once was at a Feb. 16, 2021, town hall. Another, during an interview with Norah O’Donnell of CBS News on Feb. 7. Going even further back, Biden made the claim during a Jan. 10 campaign rally at Sparks High School in Nevada. “I spent a lot of time with President Xi,” Biden said during Wednesday’s address. “Traveled over 17,000 miles with him.” CNN reporter Daniel Dale was quick to point out the president’s inaccurate statement, tweeting, “Biden’s ‘I traveled over 17,000 miles with’ Xi Jinping claim is extremely inaccurate, as WaPo has shown. He’s spent a lot of time with Xi, but that ‘miles’ number is very false.” Also, it appears that the president ad-libbed this dubious boast. The claim does not appear in the pre-released White House transcript of the address.

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