Donald Trump Jr. – Inauguration ‘Fuckery’


There are dozens of legal cases against the Trumps, but perhaps the most fascinating is one in the District of Columbia that has attracted little public attention, according to Mother Jones’ D.C. bureau chief, David Corn. A lawsuit filed by Karl Racine, D.C. attorney general, alleges that the Trump clan used the purportedly nonprofit Trump inaugural committee to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit, Corn tells The New Abnormal co-host Molly Jong-Fast. Yes, the family’s “fuckery,” according to Corn, started even before the former president reached the White House and allegedly included the committee overpaying the Trump Hotel in D.C. by hundreds of thousands of dollars by booking space for events that didn’t even happen — and one that did. That one party was for Donald Trump’s children and wasn’t part of the official inauguration festivities; according to Corn, several big names have already been brought in for depositions, including Donald Trump Jr. The former president’s eldest son, Corn says, testified on the stand that he did not know Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump’s former confidante who blew the whistle on much of the inauguration scandal.

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