Cruz Makes Brilliant Observation on Left’s Signature-Matching Double Standard


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas succinctly pointed out a glaring double-standard on the part of today’s Democrats on Tuesday when it comes to signature verification. You see, California state officials announced this week that enough signatures have been verified to place the question of whether to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom — and if so, who should replace him — on a ballot. Did you catch it? That’s right — California Secretary of State Shirley Weber (who was appointed by Newsom and is a Democrat) has verified 1.6 million of the signatures gathered. Weber rejected almost 20 percent of the original signatures, which was more than 400,000 out of 2 million. Cruz noticed the glaring double standard too. “I thought signature verification was vote suppression?” the senator tweeted. “That’s what Dems told us…” So now Democratic leaders care about verifying voter signatures? In the days since the 2020 election, they have insisted that it’s nothing short of treason — treason, I tell you! — to recommend further scrutiny into the manner in which ballots were counted in a number of key swing states where irregularities, including insufficient signature verification, were suspected.

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