CNN ‘fact checker’ provides cover for violent BLM protesters at Iowa state Capitol


Black Lives Matter protesters were kicked out of the Iowa state Capitol at an organized protest this month after turning violent and allegedly assaulting a police officer. They intending to “kill” several so-called “racist” bills at the statehouse, one which would increase riot-related penalties. Yesterday, Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the Iowa State Capitol to try and “kill” legislative bills they opposed (their event was called “Kill the racist bills”). Josephine Mulvihill was arrested & charged with assaulting an officer. CNN “fact checker” Daniel Dale suggested that the left-wing demonstrators did not storm state grounds and acted within the legal terms of the protest permit granted to gather outside the Capitol and in the building’s first floor Rotunda. Earlier this month, Dale described the demonstration through the sympathetic lens of liberal media, the same corporate machine that downplayed the 2020 far-left riots as “peaceful protests” despite video evidence of arson, vandalism, and theft.

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