Itxu Díaz: Joe Biden Is in Serious Trouble


The president of the United States has been “in trouble” long before the election. In fact, he was “in trouble” every time he had to face a campaign interview or an electoral debate. Let’s face it: Joe Biden has a lot of problems that need resolving, but his personal affairs should not come at the expense of the country. In reality, governing is easy. The difficult part is explaining it to journalists. But without standing before public opinion and being held accountable, democracy is little more than a comedy with great potential for becoming a drama. Don’t forget that this man is controlling your family, your health, your wealth, your army and your freedom through legislation. The least that should be required of him is that he knows what he’s doing. And it’s a well-known secret that Biden hasn’t a clue about anything. Biden — a ventriloquist, a puppet, a danger. He could accidentally press the wrong button. And if you do that in the White House, the staff might bring you a coffee when what you wanted was to bomb a jihadist concentration camp in Deir ez-Zor. The opposite could also occur.

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