Fact-Checking the Fact Check: PolitiFact Falsely Claims Republicans Tried to ‘Rig’ the Supreme Court


PolitiFact is a nonpartisan source for fact-checking elected officials, right? Let’s fact-check that. “You didn’t see Republicans when we had control of the Senate try to rig the game. You didn’t see us try to pack the court,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said in a news conference on Thursday, criticizing a Democratic initiative to increase the number of Supreme Court justices from nine to thirteen. PolitiFact snatched Cruz’s assertion that Republicans didn’t try to rig the game and slammed him with a glaring “false” rating on its Truth-O-Meter, effectively arguing themselves that Republicans did “rig the game. But is Cruz’s claim actually false? Only if you buy the left’s attempt to redefine what the rules of the game actually are. PolitiFact essentially argued that Republican efforts to block the confirmation of Merrick Garland just before the 2016 election and GOP support for Amy Coney Barrett just before the 2020 election amounted to “rigging the game.” Basically, the site would have you believe that treating liberal and conservative nominees differently means Republicans unfairly bent the rules.

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