Conservatives gain ground on Trudeau Liberals in new poll


A fresh, new poll by the Angus Reid Institute has shown that Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party is much closer to the Liberal Party than Justin Trudeau may have hoped. Trudeau’s Liberals are still in the lead; however, the Conservatives are breathing down their necks—a mere two points behind the governing party. The Liberals are shown to have 34 percent of the Canadian public’s support while the Conservatives have 32 percent. What also may be worrying for the Liberals is that the NDP are surging: 20 percent of Canadians now support them. Due to Canada’s electoral makeup, a formidable NDP could be very bad news for the Liberal Party as they would cut into their base in metropolitan centres. On top of this, Justin Trudeau’s disapproval ratings have also dropped. 55 percent of Canadians now disapprove of the prime minister’s leadership. Only 41 percent approve. Erin O’Toole, on the other hand, is also struggling to connect with Canadians. 59 percent of Canadian’s disapprove of O’Toole’s leadership, however, the Ontario-based leader hasn’t had the opportunity to introduce himself to the Canadian public as a result of the pandemic.

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