Biden message to China and Russia: America is back, Trump is gone, the free ride is over


Biden offered a sturdy reassertion of American exceptionalism and leadership, but warned that autocracies like China are anticipating our collapse. Joe Biden’s speech to Congress was the first time in four years that people who focus on foreign policy and national security have had to pay attention to a presidential address. There was actually a recognizable foreign policy in it, a statement of principles about democracy and America’s role as a global leader, from a functioning White House that seems to care about engagement with the rest of the world. The past four years were good days for the world’s dictators and other miscreants, and Biden on Wednesday night began the job of making a case for restoring America’s alliances, of defending American ideals, and of warning off the various wolves that have circled the democratic camp while the American lanterns were dimmed. While Biden is concerned about China,he is openly angry about Russia and what Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin was allowed to get away with for the past four years.

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