‘A national scandal’: Trudeau Liberals threw out millions of PPE before pandemic


Health Canada threw out 8,839,942 pandemic items such as masks and gloves prior to Canada’s outbreak of COVID-19, the department admitted yesterday. In a report, the agency said the items were tossed in the two years prior to the COVID outbreak. The items were thrown away to save on $900,000 on leasing for the warehouses the items they were stored in, or just 0.001 percent of the department’s $675 million budget, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. Many items were then put into a landfill, including over five million N95 masks, 2.4 million surgical masks, a million medical gloves, and 3010 surgical gowns. The information was uncovered after NDP MP Matthew Green requested the disclosure, and he believes that the Liberals’ mishandling of the crisis could potentially lead to criminal liability. “24,000 people died,” said Green. “There was absolutely a duty of this government to distribute critical life-saving personal protective equipment to front line health care workers, and that failed to happen.” Green commented that the discarded items were “not just products, these are literally people’s lives… This is a national scandal.”

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