Residents Outraged as Scientists Prepare to Release 500 Million Genetically Modified Mosquitos Into the Wild


Florida Keys residents are outraged as scientists from British biotech company Oxitec are planning to release 500 million genetically modified male mosquitos along a large part of the Keys in an attempt to kill off an invasive species of mosquito responsible for transmitting deadly diseases like Zika. Oxitec plans to place boxes full of genetically altered eggs throughout the trial areas. After water is added, the bugs will fly and mate with the females of the invasive species in the area, the Miami Herald reported. The experiment has divided people who live on the island chain. About two dozen people gathered in Key Largo to protest the planned experiment in February. “They have failed in the Caymans. We have proof of that. They have failed in Brazil. We have proof of that,” protester Meagan Hull said. “They have failed in India, in Malaysia, in Panama. We have proof of that.” Supporters of the scientific experiment say it’s a way to get rid of the disease-spreading mosquitos, Futurism reported. However, other residents are not happy and say that their community is part of a petri dish.

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