Report: Chief of Border Patrol Says No Way to Biden, Will Not Endorse Ban on Using ‘Alien’


Instead of focusing on the border crisis fueled by his own policies, President Joe Biden has spent his time attempting to ban certain language related to the crisis. However, a new report suggests U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott is standing up to him. According to Breitbart, Biden issued a policy change prohibiting both Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement from using terms including “alien,” “unaccompanied alien children,” “undocumented alien,” “illegal alien,” and “assimilation” in any communication. Instead, the policy, which went into effect on April 19, mandated the use of the terms “noncitizen,” “noncitizen unaccompanied children,” “undocumented noncitizen,” and “civic integration.” This policy change is absurd for multiple reasons. First, the fact that Biden has chosen to focus on banning language instead of fixing the actual border emergency he helped create is completely nonsensical. According to The New York Times, the number of migrant children arriving in Mexico in an attempt to enter the United States increased by over 900 percent between January and March of 2021.

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