Poll: 77% of Americans Support Photo ID to Vote, Even a Majority of Democrats Agree


A recent Fox News poll gave new insights into the fact that requiring identification to vote has bipartisan support. The outlet worked with Beacon Research and Shaw & Company to interview 1,002 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points, and discovered that 77 percent of those asked supported a requirement for people to have a valid photo ID to prove they are a United States citizen. When broken down by party affiliation, 95 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of independent voters and 60 percent of Democrats agreed with the concept. These numbers vary slightly from when Fox News conducted a similar poll in 2011. Most notably, 75 percent of Democrats in 2011 supported voter ID, showing a 15 percent decrease in the last decade. Democratic leaders across the country have advocated against voter ID, as there is concern that it would make it more difficult for minorities to vote.

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