On Day 86, Biden’s White House Admitted Trump Was “Justified” On Refugee Caps


On Day 86, the Biden-Harris White House announced that Trump’s record-low refugee admission cap would remain in place. Hours later, leftist outrage forced a policy change. Last Friday, Biden announced that he would keep the Trump-era refugee cap of 15,000, noting in a presidential memorandum that “admission of up to 15,000 refugees remains justified,” and should the 15,000 admissions be reached before the end of the fiscal year, admissions could be increased as appropriate. Friday’s directive would change the allocation of refugees admitted, including lifting restrictions on Somalia, Syria, and Yemen—but would not increase the number of admissions. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tweeted, “America needs to rebuild our refugee resettlement program. We will use all 15,000 slots under the new Determination and work with Congress on increasing admissions and building back to the numbers to which we’ve committed.” The stunning walk-back from Biden’s original promise to admit 62,500 this year and 125,000 next year prompted swift outcry from allies—and the White House caved.

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