McKenna promises to “do a better job” following scathing auditor general report


Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna is promising more accountability after the auditor general found her department continuously failed to meet its goals. Speaking to the House of Commons transport committee, McKenna said the department needs to “do a better job of explaining” following the condemnations from the auditor general. “We need to fix this. That’s something I am committed to because we obviously need to get a full accounting,” she said. “Let’s be one hundred percent clear. We have lost no projects. We have tracked all the projects.” In March, Auditor General Karen Hogan published a report slamming the government’s $188 billion Investing in Canada Plan, warning that goals were not being met, progress was not being reported and funding was going unspent. “The absence of clear and complete reporting on the Investing in Canada Plan makes it difficult for parliamentarians and Canadians to know whether progress is being made against the intended objectives,” Hogan wrote. Earlier in the month, Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux told the transport committee that McKenna’s department is not able to provide documentation for 9000 separate infrastructure projects.

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