Iran’s foreign minister’s leaked revelations are eye-opening


On Sunday, news broke that a private interview that Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had with an economist had been leaked to a London-based Persian news service, which then shared it with the New York Times. There are several interesting points to the conversation, with two of the most striking being (a) Javad’s acknowledging that Trump’s decision to assassinate Qassem Soleimani was a powerful strike against Iran and (b) a reminder of why the Biden administration is making a terrible mistake when it politicizes the American military. Regarding General Soleimani, Zarif effectively says Trump could scarcely have come up with a better way to damage Iran: In the portions that were leaked, Mr. Zarif does praise the general and says they worked productively together in the prelude to the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He also says that by assassinating him in Iraq, the United States delivered a major blow to Iran, more damaging than if it had wiped out an entire city in an attack. Nevertheless, Zarif wasn’t that sad to see General Soleimani go.

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