Facebook Attacks Apple for Tracking Users Less


Apple on Monday updated its iOS software for iPhones and iPads to deliver a slew of new features, but the one most talked about is the new privacy setting, App Tracking Transparency. Apple reports that “with App Tracking Transparency, apps are now required to get a user’s permission to track or access their device’s advertising identifier.” With this update, apps can no longer share data with data brokers or track data across apps and websites owned by other companies for advertising unless the user allows it. Last December, Facebook fired a shot across Apple’s bow by running a full-page ad entitled “Apple vs. the free internet” in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post, warning that Apple’s software update “will change the internet as we know it — for the worse.” The ad focused on the harm small businesses will face because “Apple’s change will limit their ability to run personalized ads.” “Many in the small business community say this change will be devastating for them too, at a time when they face enormous challenges.” In January, CEO Mark Zukerberg ramped up the rhetoric in Facebook’s earnings call.

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