‘Ma’Khia Bryant’s Life Mattered’: Black Lives Matter Release Statement, Say ‘Another Black Life Stolen’


On Friday, the Black Lives Matter movement released a statement following the death of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio, by a police officer as she appeared to attempt to stab another teenage girl. At the exact same time the verdict of Derek Chauvin was being read for murdering George Floyd, police wasted no time in senselessly taking another black child. Ma’Khia Bryant. We say her name. Ma’Khia Bryant called the police for help. Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon showed up and shot this 16-year-old child point blank within a matter of seconds. Another black life stolen with no regard. Together, we’re going to uplift, center, and honor this black child for what she loved — doing her hair, making TikToks, and being a teenager. Her account is currently deactivated, but we’ve compiled a few of her TikToks on social media so we can all remember her joy. Ma’Khia Bryant’s life mattered. The Black Lives Matter movement also provided a link to their Twitter account, where they posted a thread of TikTok videos seemingly posted by Ma’Khia Bryant.

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