Conservatives denounce Liberal push to regulate social media posts


Conservative heritage critic Alain Reyes is strongly condemning the Liberal government’s proposed social media bill as an attempt to curb Canadians’ freedoms. Reyes said Bill C-10, which brings website publishers and users under the jurisdiction of Canada’s broadcast regulators, will give the government too much power over what Canadians post online. “While we support creating a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters, C-10 is a bad piece of legislation giving too much power to the CRTC to regulate the internet and provides no clear guidelines for how that power will be used,” Reyes said in a statement Monday morning. The Conservatives on the House of Commons heritage committee proposed an amendment offering protections to individual internet users and smaller publishers, but the Liberals rejected it. Not only did the Liberals on the committee reject this amendment, but, on Friday, actually voted to expand the bill to apply to user-generated content, potentially subjecting YouTube videos, Facebook posts and tweets of Canadians to government regulation.

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