Trudeau minister promises not to raise carbon tax, broke exact same promise last year


Liberal Environment Minister Johnathan Wilkinson has promised Canadians that the government will not raise the carbon tax. The Trudeau government promised something similar in 2019. The Liberals, however, promptly broke their pledge when they were elected, raising the carbon tax by 240 percent. Wilkinson told reporters that “we do not intend to accelerate the price on pollution,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter. “There is a price schedule out there for the very specific reason of providing certainty and that’s what we’ve done,” he added. “We do not intend to change the trajectory.” Everyone’s favourite Trudeau minister, Catherin McKenna, made similar promises to those just made by Wilkinson: “the price will not go up,” pledged McKenna. McKenna later said that “there is no secret agenda. Any decision to move up would be in consultation with the provinces.” In December, however, the Trudeau government decided to raise the price of carbon by 240 percent.

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