Ten times the Liberals dismissed facts as “fake news” or “disinformation”


The Trudeau government has regularly dismissed any criticism as “fake news,” “disinformation” and “conspiracy theories.” Over the course of the pandemic, the Liberals have waved away real concerns Canadians harbour about vaccine distribution, economic recovery and even going so far as brushing aside official government COVID data. A True North review found the most egregious instances where the Liberals have shut down the concerns of Canadians through name-calling and false accusations. Patty Hajdu claimed that research into Vitamin D protection against COVID was “fake news” in response to a question by Independent MP Derek Sloan on why Health Canada was not recommending Canadians take the supplement as a preventative measure against COVID despite studies showing its effectiveness. “I would encourage the member opposite to not fall prey to the myriad of fake news articles that are circulating around the internet about ways that people can protect themselves from COVID and trust that the Public Health Agency of Canada only puts science-based credible documents up guided, of course, by our Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Tam and the many scientists that work for us,” said Hajdu.

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