Patty Hajdu’s Dismissal Of Vitamin D Is Another Example Of Her Dangerous Incompetence


Someone who doesn’t know much about a topic can at least have the awareness to realize they are ignorant and can listen to those who are wiser. Hajdu doesn’t even seem capable of that. We probably agree that Patty Hajdu has been one of the worst ministers in Canadian history. In fact, it’s hard to really make an argument otherwise. Hajdu has been wrong and contradictory on literally every key issue during the pandemic. At the beginning, she said the virus was low-risk and could be contained. She – along with Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, and others – said ‘stigma’ was the real threat. She said border controls ‘could cause harm.’ She downplayed masks, before pushing them, while being photographed at the airport without one, in violation of the rules being enforced by her own department. She believed China’s numbers and trusted the CCP, even when nearly everyone else realized how big an error that was. And of course, she repeatedly dismissed any concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine and made it seem as if the government had no worries, before the government took steps to temporarily halt its use for an investigation.

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