LA’s homeless reportedly booted from encampment before Oscars ceremony


The city of Los Angeles allegedly kicked homeless people out of an encampment next to this year’s Academy Awards venue to present a glitzy “image” while in the national spotlight, according to a report Sunday. Scores of homeless people — many living in tents near the Union Station building in Downtown L.A. — were allegedly threatened and ordered to leave in the days leading up to the star-studded event, according FOX 11 Los Angeles. “They came to us about a week ago saying that we had to move by Friday 6 p.m. because they were trying to clean up for the Oscars,” a homeless man identified a DJ told the station. “They told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna just demolish our stuff and [that] if you have warrants we’re gonna take you to jail.” Some homeless folks were relocated to a nearby hotel in an effort to clean up the area’s look before Tinseltown A-listers flock to the 93rd Annual Academy Awards, which will be held Sunday at Union Station. “They were coming and harassing us three or four times a day…They forced us to go to the Grand Hotel on 3rd and Figueroa and they kicked everybody out of Union Station so it looks better for the image.”

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